Data Restoration on a Weekly Basis

Our BackupRestored service is dramatically different from all other online backup services. On a weekly basis your accounting data will be restored on to our secured offsite servers and then validated.

Although the other backup services never mention it, routinely testing your data backup is the most important part of a solid backup plan.

Richard Casselberry of CIO Magazine states, "Test backups. If you haven't tested restoring it, it isn't really there. Trust me".

Any IT person knows that routinely restoring and checking vital data is the only true way to know that the backups are working properly.

So why don't people routinely restore?

Restoring data is tricky and you run the risk of overriding your live many companies are simply too frightened to restore.
We restore your data on our server so there is no risk in overriding your data.

Restoring is time consuming and many companies have not established a practical way to routinely restore and validate.

No one wants to be responsible for making sure the backup actually works.

People simply don't think about it until it is too late.

Generally, only the people that have gotten burned in the past routinely restore and validate their data.

What would cause a backup to not be restorable?

It could be as simple as the data was not actually selected to be backed up. All backup programs and backup services put the responsibility of selecting the files to backup on the user. If the user inadvertently does not select the correct files the information is not backed up...usually this error is uncovered in a disaster recovery situation. The backup service is not responsible because the user made the error.

32% of data loss is caused by human error.

Many times data locations are changed, networks reconfigured and lo and behold the data backup process is no longer backing up your vital data...months later it's realized.

Storage medias are notoriously fragile...frequently tapes go bad, CDs and DVDs become unusable.

* A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds

* 25% of lost data is due to the failure of a portable drive

* 44% of data loss is caused by mechanical failures

* 15% or more of laptops are stolen or suffer hard drive failures

* 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime

* The overall average failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100% - all drives eventually fail

Online backup services use compression and encryption features when backing up information over the internet. Problems can arise from these sophisticated features.

Countless scenarios are possible that give a company the illusion that their data is being backed up successfully when in reality it is not.

31% of PC users have lost all of their PC files to events beyond their control

The only way to know for sure is to restore and validate the backup.