Data Validation on a Weekly Basis

On a weekly basis your data will be restored and validated on our secured servers. Our validation process is designed to assure that your data is usable and current. We know of no other backup service that actually "validates" your data.

It is this validation process that gives us the ability to be absolutely sure we have your data safe and secure.

Why validate a restored backup?

The process of validating a backup firmly addresses the issue of responsibility. Who is ultimately responsible for the backup? The person/company that validates the data is ultimately responsible.

The only true way for that person/company to be sure the restored data is up-to-date and functional is to create a method to validate the data.

Here is an example of one of the most insidious backup problems...backing up an old version or an old copy of the data and thinking it is the live data. This problem often goes unnoticed when backing up and restoring. It is not until the restored data is "validated" that the problem surfaces and can be rectified.

How do we validate the data?

Through a phone interview with your company we will develop a "Data Verification Plan". The "Data Verification Plan" will determine what data points are likely to change frequently. We will then develop a routine to check those data points.

For example let's assume your company creates invoices once a day. If we verify the invoice data the latest invoice date should be no less than one day old. If we find that the latest invoice date is two or more days old we will call your company to confirm you have not created any invoices within the last few days. Remember the "Data Verification Plan" is tailored to your company. If you invoice once a week we will adjust our verification process appropriately. Typically two data points are confirmed during data verification.

What applications can we validate?

1) QuickBooks Accounting Software
2) Peachtree Accounting Software
3) Microsoft SQL Databases
4) Microsoft Access Databases
5) Titan II Precast Management System
6) Breakthrough Partial Care Management System
7) Please Note If We Haven't Listed Your Software Please Call Us With Any Questions (732) 866-8686