Formerly known as James L. Muka, CPA, Muka Development Group was established in 1990.  Since our inception our focus has been to automate and streamline accounting, administrative and management functions by utilizing the power of quality business software applications.

Over the years we have automated hundreds of companies in a variety of industries.  From inventory processing to financial reporting, from the funeral industry to the pharmaceutical industry, from 'off the shelf' programs to customized programs, our experience is considerable.

We appreciate the importance of mission critical applications and understand the devastating impact data loss can have on a company.

We developed the BackupRestored service because of the lack of adequate backup procedures practiced by most companies.

Most companies simply backup their data and assume everything is OK. Most companies never actually try to restore and validate their data.

After witnessing too many dire circumstances due to unrecoverable data we decided to offer the only true way to know you have a actually restore and validate the data.

Thank you for your interest in BackupRestored, we truly believe this is a vital service unlike any other on the market today.