Our BackupRestored service is dramatically different from all other online backup services. In addition to a nightly offsite backup, your accounting data will be restored and validated on a weekly basis.

Although the other
backup services never mention it, routinely testing your data backup is the most important part of a solid backup plan.

restore and validate your accounting data every week - guaranteed.

No other online backup service routinely restores and validates your data. If your company is not routinely testing data backups you are taking an enormous chance...rolling the dice.

Take one moment and seriously consider the consequences of losing all your accounting data...frightening right. The impact on any company would be devastating. Now with BackupRestored the possibility of that happening is virtually eliminated.

Richard Casselberry of CIO Magazine states, "Test backups. If you haven't tested restoring it, it isn't really there. Trust me".

Please take a moment to read our information on Weekly
Restoration and Weekly Validation. This information outlines the reasons we are so passionate about our BackupRestored service.